Summer 2014: A STRONG & KIND Summer With Kevin Durant!
Recently, Kevin Durant and KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND) partnered to launch a STRONG & KIND movement that aims to challenge deep-rooted stereotypes and redefine cultural perceptions of strength and kindness. As part of this, KIND has made a donation to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation to support specialized programming that teaches youth how to be STRONG & KIND in their own lives. A select number of organizations were selected to receive up to $10,000 in funds and over 3400 homeless youth and youth in foster care were served as part of the Strong and Kind Summer with KD grants initiative. .

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The mission of the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation (KDCF) is to enrich the lives of at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds through educational, athletic and social programs.

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What does it mean to be
The applicant organization's 2014 summer program must expose youth to a variety of disciplines and holistic experiences including: academics, arts (visual and performing), athletics, community and team building, healthy living, nutrition and wellness. In addition, applicant organizations were required to submit a project plan that brought to life what it means to be STRONG & KIND as evidenced in the below pledge tenets (found at Watch video from grant award winner LA Youth Network here.

  • Having the courage to be kind when others may not (e.g. a lesson plan guiding kids on how to make kinder decisions and highlighting figures throughout history who have been strong and kind)
  • Looking out for those who can't lookout for themselves (e.g. a trust exercise where one youth is blindfolded and another youth has to guide them through a maze)
  • Standing up when others would rather stand out (e.g. a group discussion where youth share moments they stood up for someone else, even when it wasn't the "cool" thing to do.)
  • Leaving your world a kinder place than you found it (e.g. a community service activation)